My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 33

Sophie was still grinning the next day, when the group found their classroom. It wasn’t the one taught by Molly, because that would be disastrous.
The instructor was a wizard, maybe twenty years old, but he was dressed in a T-shirt that said, “If I Don’t Respond, It’s Because My Mind Is In a Parallel Dimension (Literally!)”
“First,” the instructor said, “you will show me if you can do basic magic. Though it seems kind of pointless–” the instructor glanced at Daniel and Sophie, “–it is part of the testing and we must do it. You’re going to turn this wooden carving of a dog into a stone statue of a dragon. Try to get it as close as you can to that description. Who wants to go first?”
Angel’s seat was toward the front, so she shrugged and stepped up. The instructor adjusted his glasses. Angel was handed a slim silver rod. She felt the cool metal, stepped back, pointed the rod at the carving, and then there was a flash.
There, on the table, sat a small dragon, about as big as a large cat. It beat its wings and said, “Woof!”
The others clapped. The teacher rubbed his temples.
“Okay, who can turn the dragon back into a carving?”
Daniel loosened his staff from the firm grip he had behind his chair. He moved it slightly. The dragon turned back into a dog carving.
“Who did that?” the teacher asked.
Daniel blinked innocently and stifled a giggle. He looked across the room and saw that Sophie had a mischievous grin on her face. When Daniel looked back, there wasn’t a dog carving any more.
“This package will erupt in a malodorous fart in three seconds. Three. Two. One.”
Daniel had time to think, Oh, so Sophie found a dictionary, before the package exploded and the compressed air inside it released with a sound that was definitely not pleasant. The air inside was indeed “malodorous,” because in three seconds everyone had their fingers on their nose. They sounded extremely congested when they spoke, and Sophie kept giggling.
“Oh, thut up,” Daniel said, and Sophie giggled harder.

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