My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 32

Two hours later…
“She cried for eons. I don’t blame her.”
“Yep,” Daniel said. They were on his bed again. “But hey, that’s new news. I mean, you know, we finally know why the books are acting odd. I’d still like to know what history Molly, Messenger and Mage share.”
“Well, their names all start with M,” Sophie said, grinning hopelessly. “Yep, this is definitely new news. That’s probably a pretty reasonable explanation: The story is so preposterous that they didn’t think we’d believe it.”
“Yeah. I mean, there’s the doomsday thread, the ‘you’re the most powerful people on the face of the earth’ thread, there’s the…”
“Oh, be quiet,” Sophie said. “You’re confusing me more than Molly.”
“Yep, I am.” Daniel grinned.
“So what now?”
“I think I heard someone say we had spy and magic training tomorrow,” Daniel said.
Sophie grinned more. “I think we have the magic part down.”

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