My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 31

“Molly,” Sophie said. “What about us?”
Molly swallowed. “I’m not supposed to tell you, but you probably will be better protected if you know. You’re the last attempt to save the universe. If all the books go away from Earth, the magic level won’t only be decreased, it’ll topple into nothingness. Only a certain number of wielders are allowed to try and travel around to rescue the dimension. You’re the last ones allowed. You’re the last hope… for everything.
“I got word that the last wielders had been sent. They said these were the most powerful wielders in all the dimensions.” Molly wasn’t meeting Sophie’s eyes. “The thing is, if Earth’s dimension collapses, then the Void Dimension will take over. Its turn is next. You see, every dimension is a mirror of another dimension. The lead mirror, the first one, is Earth right now. Since Earth is good, the others are relatively good, except the Void Dimension. If Earth’s mirror shatters, the Void Dimension mirror takes over, and every other dimension will mirror the Void Dimension.
“The really bad part is the Gateguards. They’re really powerful – you have only seen the weak scouts. By defeating their scouts, you’ve let your presence be known. They’re out to kill the most powerful wielders in the dimension to keep their job. Gateguards used to be normal security, making sure demons and such didn’t escape the Void Dimension, stuff like that. They used to be good. But then the demons stopped trying for a while, and the Gateguards’ security waned. They became rogue and power crazy, and heard a rumor about the Nyms, their bosses, replacing them with magic wielders. So now the Gateguards are trying to kill the most powerful wielders in the dimensions, thereby deleting the competition and showing the Nyms that they’re more powerful.
“You can’t die. Because if you die, everyone dies. That’s the end. And I was sent to protect the last chance. When you mentioned the Gateguards, it clicked: I’d found you by sheer luck. I recognized the master mage’s robe, the way Sophie faded into the background as if the fabric of reality wasn’t sure she was there. Then I saw how you’d picked up a ton of people. I was told that only two more were allowed. So obviously you’d traveled enough to pick up a band of wielders, and you had a reason for wanting them along. I knew then that it had to be you guys.
“I know that Hannah told Angel that the Gateguards were out to destroy the universe. They aren’t. They made up that crazy story and made Hannah think she remembered hearing them say it so that their real intentions wouldn’t be discovered. I was looking through that forest, trying to scout out a cave where Gateguards were taking local magic wielders. They have gadgets that test the wielder’s rank in power, and the only reason Hannah and Angel got out alive was because they’re not the most powerful. The Gateguards are scoping the area. That’s why I got you out of there in a hurry. I also know that Angel is the third most powerful. It doesn’t make sense to me, though – she can’t work spells as well as Ryder or Hannah.
“And then the monster,” Molly sobbed, “had to be taken away with only a certain spell – the one that moved the molecules of an enemy into the Void Dimension. I knew it would kill anyone watching who wasn’t the caster, and I could only hope that Keith would look away. But I had to protect you, so it was Keith versus risking the fate of the universe, and I had to do it. I had to do it.” Molly flopped down and sobbed harder. “I’m just a kid. I’m thirteen. They could have sent any one of the adults in here, but I was the strongest wielder in the agency, and they knew you were kids, too, so they thought you’d take another kid’s help more quickly. And they dumped all the responsibility on me.”
Molly’s shirt was soaked. She was blinded by tears, so she couldn’t see when Sophie gave Daniel a look, they both nodded, and Daniel crept out of the room.

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